Chevy Volt Lap Time

Chevy Volt Lap Time

"The 2014 Chevy Volt is a electric car that can also run on petroleum. But you can own the Volt your entire life and never use a drop of gas.

In another accurate, fun and Informative TFLcar review, Nathan and Roman find out just how fast the Chevy Volt is from 0-60 MPH and how fast it will do a hot lap on the TFLcar racetrack."

States TheFastLaneCar.

The Chevy Volt is no track racer, nor is it a 0 to 60 MPH champ.

The Volt is however capable of putting up a respectable lap time, even quicker than TheFastLaneCar expected.

It seems the tires, brakes and understeer hold the Volt back from performing even better on the track.

Editor's Note:  Don't pay too close attention to the statistics or operation of the Volt as quoted by the hosts; they don't seem to have quite done all their homework.  Watch for times and aesthetical roundup.

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