Taking The Wraps Of The First McLaren P1 In The US

Taking The Wraps Of The First McLaren P1 In The US

In speaking with Edmunds, McLaren managing director Mike Flewitt revealed the automaker's intent to focus on plug-in vehicles going forward.

Flewitt made it know that, over the next ten years of so, McLaren will devote a lot of its resources to vehicles with electrification.  The first McLaren plug-in vehicle, the P1, is already on sales.  McLaren intends to build on its knowledge gained from developing the P1 to bring to market more plug-in hybrid and possibly even a pure electric supercar.

As Edmunds states:

"In 2017, the P13 will be joined by the P15, which sits above the 650S at $500,000-600,000.  This car "is not a replacement for the P1," said Flewitt of the current McLaren flagship supercar."

"Instead, the P1's follow-up "needs to be a technical step-change — it could be 10 years away," he said."

Or, in other words, the flagship McLaren, which is the P1 plug-in hybrid, will remain the flagship until it's follow-up is launch in perhaps 10 years.  This follow-up "needs a technical step change," which could imply that McLaren will wait for a battery breakthrough so that the P1 follow-up can be purely electric, yet capable of beating the P1's performance measures, while offering Tesla-like range or more.

Flewitt concludes that all future McLaren's "will be hybrids, even if some use a basic form of hybridization.  We will offer two or three mainstream cars, plus some specialty models — something like the P1 or perhaps even a full-electric car."

Knowing that McLaren's primary focus is on performance, we believe that even the future McLaren that "use a basic form of hybridization" will be plug-in vehicles.

Source: Edmunds

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