Cadillac ELR - Not For Tree-Huggers

Cadillac ELR - Not For Tree-Huggers

Cadillac is so confident that "tree-huggers" don't/won't buy luxury plug-in electric vehicles that Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac's chief marketing officer, is willing to go on record to state what he believes to be fact:

“These are not cars for tree-huggers, as tree-huggers do not buy new luxury cars.”

That quote comes from the Detroit News in an article in which Ellinghaus was discussing the possibility of Cadillac adding more electrified vehicles to its lineup.

Quoting the Detroit News:

"Ellinghaus said Cadillac plans to broaden its offering of electric powertrains. Cadillac’s only electric is the ELR, a plug-in hybrid electric luxury sedan that costs about $80,000."

"But GM’s top marque will have to ensure that it gives customers added value for the price point and keep the performance and traditional qualities that luxury buyers expect, Ellinghaus said."

We're not sure where this whole "tree-huggers do not buy new luxury cars," fits in, but we're rather certain that even some Tesla Model S buyers would be comfortable with the "tree-hugger" label being applied to them, so perhaps Ellinghaus has lost touch with the times.

Source: Detroit News

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