We suspect you'll soon see a BMW i8 advertisement featuring the automaker's plug-in hybrid on "The Snake" portion of Muholland Drive at some point in the near future.

Why do we suspect that?  Well, as this video shows, the BMW i8 was on "The Snake" with 3 to 4 California Highway Patrol escorts nearby.

Apparently, some high-tech cameras were placed along the route too.

For those unfamiliar with Muholland Drive and "The Snake" here's some background info:

Probably the most famous road in California, its proximity to Los Angeles has made it the playground of the rich and famous.

The road connects “the valley”, a large suburban area to the north, with the beach area just north of the rich and famous Malibu. This area is home to many of the best roads in So Cal, but most enthusiasts with spend their time on “The Snake”, a short 21 turn section just above the popular Rock Store. The Snake is heavily photographed on weekends and attracts those looking to be heroes on Facebook on Monday. “Edwards’ Corner”, the final turn heading up The Snake, is the most popular spot for people to overtax their talent and should be approached with caution.

The spotted BMW i8 is likely a production version.  US spec?  Probably not, but it's certainly no prototype.

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