Electrification Defined

Electrification Defined

"The high-performance thrills you feel with a 170 hp motor, a maximum torque of 184 lb-ft, and a lithium-ion high-voltage battery that takes you up to 110 miles on a single charge. It's a new word for an electric age."

States BMW in video 5 of the ongoing series in which the BMW i3 is featured on the Monticello Raceway.

This brief video focuses on defining electrification as:

"The myth that EVs spend more time charging than driving."

We'd be willing to bet that BMW saw the stir Lexus created with its anti-EV ad and responded with this video, which seems to take indirect aim at dispelling the myth put forth by Lexus.

What say you?  Do you think BMW had Lexus' ad in mind when it pieced together this short clip?

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