It's Rather Difficult To Find a Good Angle Of The i3

It's Rather Difficult To Find a Good Angle Of The i3

"The design ... can be polarizing to people."

Says Jacob Harb, head of ele ctric vehicle operations and strategy for BMW North America in an interview at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

Separately, Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO of BMW North America, told Business Insider:

"The concept was designed in the beginning to be a megacity vehicle."

"What we know from research is that people that drive a car like that want to make a statement, they want to show that they choose a different way of mobility. It’s not the ordinary steel car with an exhaust pipe.”

So, Willisch is explaining why the BMW i3's design is so...umm...unique.  Meanwhile, Harb says the i3's polarizing design is actually a selling point.

"The whole point of a new model is conquest and to bring new people into the brand. With i, we know we're doing that."

That's commonly called conquest sales and if BMW's i lineup can get those new buyers in, then i becomes an immediate success.

Source: Business Insider

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