Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EV bus

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EV bus

According to a Nikkei Business article, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is facing a lack of demand for its lithium-ion batteries for EVs and is considering withdrawal from this line of business.

The Japanese company is reportedly conducting negotiations with a Taiwanese company to sell battery equipment installed in Mitsubishi Heavy's Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works back in 2010.

Production capacity was relatively small at just 66,000 kWh annually, so maybe the small scale made it problematic to compete with other manufacturers?

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries produces batteries for forklifts and electric buses, but we are guessing sales probably weren't high enough for Mitsubishi to move forward with this side of its business.

This withdrawal will have no impact on Mitsubishi's electric vehicles since none of them use Mitsubishi Heavy lithium-ion batteries.

Source: Nikkei Business

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