Volkswagen has released its first commercial for the battery electric e-Golf.

This spot, which we title "Goodbye Gas - Farewell Gas Stations" is pure genius.

There's some hugging of a gas station attendant, some tears shed when saying goodbye to gas and even a moment spent in remembrance of the gas pump.

But that's all in the rearview mirror (figuratively and literally) when the Volkswagen e-Golf owner gets in his electric ride.

Once you've gone electric, there's not returning to gas.

Props to VW for putting out this thoroughly enjoyable ad spot.

Though similar ads have been done before, we think Volkswagen perhaps has executed perfectly here.

What are your thoughts on this VW e-Golf spot?

Farewell Gas Station Attendee

Farewell Gas Station Attendee

Say Bye!!!

Say Bye!!!

Hat tip to Thomas!

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