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Awhile back, The Street's Anton Wahlman presented a 4-step plan for Honda to take sole control of the plug-in electric minivan segment.

Here's the 4-step process, as outlined by Wahlman:

  • Use the Odyssey minivan body. This enables you to pack a much larger battery while retaining a large space for passengers and luggage alike.
  • Increase the battery size from the current 6.7 kWh to 16 kWh, which is close to the Chevrolet Volt and where federal tax benefits top out. This would vastly increase the electric range of the car.
  • Increase regenerative braking, making it similar to the class-leading BMW i3.
  • Fire the person responsible for the instrumentation/infotainment-related functions . Buy a Tesla Model S. Copy it.
Of course, we're well aware that Honda, a non supporter of plug-in vehicles, won't follow this advice, but Wahlman concludes:

"If Honda follows my four-step plan, and does so very quickly, it would have a car that would sell more than 100,000 per year instead of perhaps 1,000 per year of the current Accord plug-in."

"For a 100-fold increase in sales, I am available to help. Honda, you know how to find me."

At time of publishing, Honda had not yet contacted Wahlman.  Our guess is that a phone call is not forthcoming, but still we see success written all over this plug-in minivan that Honda will never make.

Source: The Street

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