BMW i3

BMW i3

It's the hot electric hatchback in high demand.

BMW has reportedly increased production of its BMW i3 by 45% to meet demand that's been well above the automaker's initial expectations.

As Business Week reports:

"The premium manufacturer in recent weeks has raised daily output to 100 vehicles from 70 previously at the factory in Leipzig, Germany, where the model is assembled."

That's according to Harald Krueger, BMW production chief.

Krueger goes on to say that BMW i3 production has already surpassed 5,000 units in 2014 and suggests that BMW could indeed produce somewhere in the ballpark of 20,000 i3s in 2014 alone.

Quoting Krueger:

“Following the market introduction in Europe, we’re now rolling out the i3 in the U.S.  The U.S. will be the largest market for the i3.”

The first BMW i3 are now arriving in the US.  We expect to report first full-month sales of the i3 in May.  We suspect that initial sales volumes will be relatively high, but it remains to be seen if the i3 will have staying power in the US plug-in segment.

Source: Business Week, hat tip to Chris!

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