We've held off on this one for quite awhile now so as to not directly draw attention to/promote the "sci-fi blockbuster Transcendence" in which Johnny Depp co-stars.

But with the launch of the movie now well behind us, here goes.

As Johnny Depp explains:

"I had one of the best experiences I've ever had.  The director introduced me to Elon Musk at Tesla. He came and visited the set and we had a ride around in his car but then the police pulled us over".

"We had a first - maybe the first -Tesla jam. I was in the front seat while Paul Bettany was sitting on my lap. Rebecca and Wally were in the back. Elon was driving and we were pulled over speeding."

"Elon had a good sense of humour about it. The cop did not. He needed a humour chip. But it was a good time, nonetheless."

We're not going to comment on the antics of well-known wild guy Johnny Depp.  However, we will chime in on Elon Musk's behalf.  Musk has yet to issue any statement either confirming or denying this incident.

And that's your tabloid-ish "news" for the day.  Tune in next year for season two of celebrities go wild in plug in vehicles.

Source: Entertainment Wise

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