Tesla Model S EVs Grab Some Juice

Tesla Model S EVs Grab Some Juice

Everyone from anywhere was invited to KmanAuto's "Tesla Get-Together" located at the Sandrift Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

The event took place on May 17th 2014.

I made the 200-mile trip up to Wisconsin Dells on May 16th for all of the events, as well as to meet up with owners and enthusiasts.

For me, the meetup was a time to have fun, take a lot of pictures and videos, and interview owners of the Tesla Model S to find out what they had to say about their vehicle.

First was a meet and greet at 11AM at the Mauston, WI Supercharger with several other activities later on that day, as well as a large car show the following day.

This was an absolute perfect opportunity to show my enthusiasm for Tesla Motors as well as all of the other electric vehicles.

Since there will be a decent number of videos related to this event, I decided to create a teaser video to give people a very small taste of what to expect soon.

The event had a total of 5 Tesla Model Ss, a Chevrolet Volt and, if you can believe it, my Ford F-150 with 200,000 miles that gets 13 city/16 hwy MPG.  Multiple bystanders were interested in the vehicles and started asking questions about them.

Look for more videos in this series to come in the near future.

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