We find it rather beneficial to evaluate some test drive reviews of plug-in vehicles where the reviewer is conducting the test in some other country.  This allows us to evaluate the plug-ins international impact.

Sometimes, a certain plug-in vehicles seems to make perfect sense here in the US, but then that same vehicle doesn't sell well elsewhere.

Often times, this is due to differences that we don't immediately pick up on here in the States.

For example, a vehicle like the Tesla Model S sells well in the US where we love BIG automobiles, but will it sell well in the UK where the largest auto driven there is typically half the Model S' size?

That's just one example of how regional differences come into play in relation to plug-in vehicle acceptance.

But is the Nissan LEAF subject to these regional ups and downs?  If any plug-in vehicle is immune, it seems the LEAF is it.

Globally, the LEAF is the #1 selling plug-in vehicle.  It's not even a close race.

Having now gone way off track, we return to the focus of this article.  Here's a test drive video review of the Nissan LEAF from Ireland, a place where plug-in vehicles struggle for sales.

"This is a the big test, is it possible to live with the electric car and can you really drive on motorways with the new LEAF?"

Even in Ireland, the LEAF seems to appeal.

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