Toyota Prius PHV

Toyota Prius PHV

Kyocera announced the installation at it headquarters of Shintec Hozumi in Aichi Prefecture, Japan a “Solar Cycle Station for EV”.

But this is not a typical solar charging carport. This system takes it one step further by not only charging vehicles from solar energy, but also having the ability to provide backup energy during times of disaster.

"Kyocera’s “Solar Cycle Station” is an environmentally friendly solar-powered recharging station— originally launched for electric-assisted bicycles in 2010 — that uses the company’s high performance solar modules. In 2012, the company started supplying the Solar Cycle Station for EV, which is designed to power electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles."

The solar system can generate 230 kW of power. Data on the amount of power that can be supplied to EVs or the Toyota Prius PHV wasn't provided by Kyocera, but if we assume this would work to power a building (or even part of it) when needed during an emergency, then it would seem it must be at least over a dozen kWs total.

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