2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

According to the latest Eagle AID report entitled "Painfully slow electric car take-up runs into April" EV sales in Western Europe grew by  ~50% year over year in April, reaching a new high of 3,880 registrations (and this does not account for plug-in hybrids, which contribute a few thousand additional units to the sales total).

Additionally, the electric car market share increased to 0.4% during April 2014, but Eagle AID sees that this is mainly due to Norway 10.4%, without which sales in Western Europe would be 0.25% (increase from 0.21% in April 2013).

Three markets - Norway, Germany and France - control 70% of the European EV market (Norway with 1,260 units sold controls one third):

"April’s combined electric car registration total in the three markets of Norway, Germany and France reached 2,680 units."

"The remaining thirteen West European markets monitored every month by AID’s trend-watchers shared the remaining 1,200 electric cars first registered in the entire region last month."

Eagle AID adds:

"April’s electric car performance in West Europe’s major markets was judged disappointing by all those betting on a big initial splash from recent sector newcomers.

That’s chiefly BMW’s i3 and Volkswagen’s eUp. Perhaps the biggest upset for the region’s already anxious electric car industry, April registrations in France slipped from last year’s already low same month level to just 821 units. Germany’s April electric car story was equally uninspiring."

In Germany, registrations rose year over year by approximately 20% from 495 in April 2013 to 599 in April 2014. In France, sales fell from 940 to 821.

Source: Eagle AID

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