In touting the 2015 Chevrolet Cruze that debuted at the 2014 New York Auto Show, General Motors made this statement:

"Cruze is the cornerstone of Chevrolet’s North American small-car lineup; Cruze is also Chevrolet’s best-selling car around the world, with more than 2.5 million sold globally since its launch in mid-2010."

Followed by this statement:

"Collectively the lineup in the US—including Spark, Spark EV, Sonic, Cruze and Volt—saw a 15.4% increase in overall sales in the first quarter of 2014. Since Cruze’s launch about four years ago, and the additions of the Spark and Sonic, Chevrolet’s overall share of the small-, compact- and mini-car segments has more than tripled—up 221%—with nearly half of the customers new to Chevrolet."

Although we support all the plug-in cars available to today, it seemed odd to include the Volt in the list as it ignored/overlooked the fact that Q1 sales of the Chevrolet Volt are actually down for 2014.

  • Chevy Volt sales Q1 2014 - 3,606
  • Chevy Volt sales Q1 2013 - 4,244
It is curious that sales in the plug-in vehicle segment itself are growing considerably for most models, yet the Chevy Volt is not following that trend.  We blame this on two aspects that General Motors could easily remedy if it decides to:
  • Lack of marketing
  • Low production volume
But if General Motors doesn't want to sell the Volt in volume, then neither marketing nor production will get the necessary boosts.

Editor's Note:  For the first month of Q2, Chevrolet Volt sales were 1,548, up 17.5% from 2013 at 1,306.  For the first four months of the year, a total of 5,154 cars have been sold, which is down 7.1% from 2013 when 5,550 were moved.  Heading into the next two months of Q2 GM is up against a prior year result of 1,607 (May 2013) and 2,698 (June 2013)

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