Metrocab on the streets of London

Metrocab on the streets of London

The latest episode of Fully Charged is dedicated to Frazer-Nash's Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi for London.

This very interesting and unusual car was recently tested by taxi drivers and, according to Frazer-Nash, should be sold without a premium over the diesel taxis (probably including tax incentives), which probably makes it a no brainer to go with this range-extended model.

Frazer-Nash is thinking that it might be inconvenient to often plug in to charge in taxi bays, so perhaps Metrocab will be equipped with wireless charging in addition to the plug port.

"A new electric taxi for London's diesel choked, particulate saturated streets. Bigger, smoother and cleaner, a delight to drive and so much more economic than the classic rattlers."

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