Tesla Model S Assembly

Tesla Model S Assembly

Despite reports to the contrary, Tesla Motors insists that demand for its Model S is still as strong as it's ever been.

As Value Walk writes:

"Tesla Motors Inc has rejected recent reports around the slowing Model S demand. Barclays said in a research note earlier this week that the Model S demand in the U.S. has plateaued. But the electric vehicle maker said during the investor meetings organized by Goldman Sachs that the demand is still strong."

"The company is focused on reducing the waiting times globally. Therefore, it won’t have plenty of supply to sell in the U.S. at this time."

So, if sales seem soft in the US, it's because Tesla is playing catch up overseas.  This is immediately obvious in regards to Tesla Model S sales in Norway, which in March shot up to an all-time single-month record for any automobile ever sold in Norway.  That month, 1,493 Model S EVs were sold.

Source: Value Walk

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