Europe Superchargers

Europe Superchargers "Now"

Europe's Supercharger map is set to explode.

Tesla Motors has now updated its Europe Supercharger map with the addition of a "Winter 2014-2015" tab.

So, we have an "open now" map (above), a "coming soon" (below) and a "Winter 2014-2015" (even further below).

Of note on the "Winter 2014-2015" map is that Superchargers are set to take over most of Europe (minus Eastern Europe, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and a few other countries).

Muck like in the US, Tesla European Supercharger rollout started off slow, but Tesla then kicked the rollout into overdrive in the States.  The same appears to be true in Europe, where Superchargers will go from less than 2 dozen today to what appears to be ~100 or so by early next year.

Europe Superchargers

Europe Superchargers "Coming Soon"

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