Combo 2 inlet in Voxan WATTMAN

Combo 2 inlet in Voxan WATTMAN

Just a few days ago we reported on the largest DC fast charger deployment in Germany, but with just 50 or so CHAdeMO chargers, that project falls far behind the new one announced by Germany's Ministry of Transport, automakers (BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen) and EnBW utility at MobiliTec-Hannovermesse 2014.

400 DC quick charging points should be installed by 2017 across Germany by SLAM – "Schnellladenetz für Achsen und Metropolen“ project.

From different sources, we know that every point will have one quick charger - 50 kW - with CCS (Combo) plug compatible with BMW i3, VW e-up! and e-Golf. Additionally there will be 22 kW three phase Type 2 output. It is very unlikely that those charging points will get CHAdeMO plugs.

Launch and details of SLAM (potential CHAdeMO SLAMmer) probably will come out in full by fall of this year.



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