Someday, Electric Cars Will Rule The Offroad Too

Someday, Electric Cars Will Rule The Offroad Too

Score a win for electric vehicles.

Kate Gordon wrote this of electric vehicles over at The Wall Street Journal:

"I’m not generally a fan of picking winners and losers except when it comes to the future of cars. Here, electric vehicles are the clear long-term winners. They’re highly efficient, dirt cheap to power, and can run on infrastructure that already exists. And even though electricity isn’t yet “clean” in many places around the country, EVs still generate fewer emissions than your average gas-powered vehicle—regardless of whether you charge up on the coal-fired Kentucky grid or Washington’s much cleaner hydro- and wind- powered system."

Gordon definitively states:

"I believe EVs are our future."

We certainly agree.

The Wall Street Journal adds this footnote:

"Kate Gordon is vice president and the director of the energy and climate program at Next Generation. She previously served as vice president for energy and environment at the Center for American Progress."

For the full Kate Gordon story, click the link below.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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