That looks hideous.

But here it is...the much anticipated Tesla Model S CHAdeMO adapter.

Posted to Twitter, this is an actual image of the Tesla Model S CHAdeMO adapter being used out in the real world to charge a Model S.

This particular Tesla Model S is out on an epic US electric roadtrip.

It's believed that the CHAdeMO adapter is in the beta testing phase, though Tesla still officially lists it as "coming soon."  That status hasn't changed since over 6 months ago when word of the Model S CHAdeMO adapter first made headlines.

The adapter will allow Model S owners to charge at any CHAdeMO site in the US, which today tallies nearly 600 points.  For Model S owners, this capability would make the EV the most widely quick charge-capable EV in the entire world.

*The image above, which shows the CHAdeMO adapter being utilized at a Nissan dealership, has since been removed from Twitter.  We suspect either Tesla or Nissan didn't approve of the posting of this image.

Tesla Store Provides Details on Model S CHAdeMO Adapter

Tesla Store Provides Details on Model S CHAdeMO Adapter

Source: Electrek

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