SemaConnect ChargePro

SemaConnect ChargePro

SemaConnect recently launched an app for Goggle Glass that allows EV drivers to find and navigate to the nearest charging station within a 20-mile radius.

Founder and CEO of SemaConnect, Mahi Reddy is eager to find a way to assist EV drivers.  Reddy stated:

“We are pleased to be offering an additional choice for electric vehicle drivers and to further enhance our eco-system with charging options."

"This innovative and ground-breaking new app gives drivers even more freedom to choose how they prefer to charge their vehicle, and showcases our commitment to developing cutting-edge applications in a tech-driven world.”

SemaConnect claims to have worked its way up to being the biggest EV charging station provider in North American.

Additionally, SemaConnect is proud to announce that it was chosen by Jones Lang LaSalle to to install EV charging stations at an 18-story tower for tenants as an option.

VP of Business Development of SemaConnect, Mark Pastrone, stated:

“We are pleased to be working with Jones Lang LaSalle to offer electric vehicle charging stations at CityPlace Tower.”

“There is a great deal of excitement around this building as it is the first Class-A office building to be built in West Palm Beach in nearly 20 years and we are glad to be part of offering environmentally friendly options for tenants there.”

You can check out a video of the SemaConnect Google Glass app below:

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