Nissan LEAF prices in Japan

Nissan LEAF prices in Japan

Nissan announced a price reduction for its LEAF in Japan.

The reduction, effective March 28, is ¥257,000 ($2,523 USD) on all grades (S, X and G and on Aero Style versions).

The base S is now priced from ¥2,872,800 ($28,202 USD).  After deducting the maximum purchase subsidy of ¥530,000, the price comes in at ¥2,342,800, or approximately $23,000.

Nissan was happy to additionally announce that as of the end of March, 820 fast chargers were installed at its dealerships in Japan.  The total number of fast chargers in Japan is ~2,000.

Often what we have seen happen in the past with Nissan LEAF pricing announcements in Japan is a similar action taken later in the US - hopefully that trend continues.

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