Saab has been brought back to life electrified.

Saab 9-3 Electric

Saab 9-3 Electric

Just last week, NEVS (New Electric Vehicle Sweden)  announced that it began low-volume production of the Saab 9-3 BEV.

By low volume, we mean only a few vehicles, but the production ramp up is already underway.

All told, NEVS hopes to manufacture 200 electric Saabs for delivery to the city of Qingdao, China either by the end of Spring or this Summer.  Those EVs will become part of a test fleet.

As of right now, the electric Saabs are basically hand built.  NEVS hopes to implement assembly line production this Fall for vehicles that will ship to Sweden, China and a few other undisclosed European countries.

The production version of the electric Saab 9-3 has not been officially revealed yet.  The images seen here are of an older prototype version of the BEV 9-3.  NEVS says it made several changes to the production version, one of which was placing the battery pack as low as possible in the vehicle.

As for range, NEVS says the 9-3 will initially go 124 miles on one charge (assume NEDC), which is definitely still a touch on the low side for a new BEV.  However, NEVs says that it already developing more advanced batteries for the electric 9-3, so range should increase when those battery cells get fitted.

In terms of funds, NEVS says it has the necessary capital to make this all work.  Communications manager Mikael Ostlund stated (via Goole Translate):

"We have a business plan. Before we had a cash flow that was covered by the proceeds from the sale, now our owners finance ongoing operations ."

Honestly, we see NEVS as remaining a small-scale operation with most of its sales focused on China.  So, while Saab may be back alive and electrified, it's unlikely we'll ever see a BEV 9-3 in the US.

Source: Sveriges Radio P4 Väst

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