We Checked Out The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV At The Geneva Motor Show This Year

We Checked Out The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV At The Geneva Motor Show This Year

Deliveries of Outlander PHEV in UK should start this month. Before that happens, Mitsubishi Motors prepared a range of competitive finance/lease offers for the UK.

Besides buying the SUV for £28,304 ($47,500) after the £5,000 Plug-In Car Grant, which is the same price as its diesel equivalent, customers will be able to get the SUV for ~ £200+VAT (approx. $400) a month.

And, according to Mitsubishi, this offer brings huge savings compared to ICE competitors.

Competitive Finance Offers

To help further the success of the plug-in hybrid sales within the business sector, Mitsubishi Contract Motoring is offering extremely competitive Contract Hire rentals.

Rental Profile                                  Monthly Rental 12-0-35 (10k miles per annum)       £219+VAT

To complement Mitsubishi Contract Motoring’s headline offer above, segment leading additional profiles are also available:

Rental Profile                                  Monthly Rental 12-0-47 (10k miles per annum)      £205+VAT

Rental Profile                                  Monthly Rental 12-0-59 (10k miles per annum)       £195+VAT

6.9% APR Finance Option

In addition to the new contract hire and leasing rentals, both retail and business user customers can benefit from a 6.9% APR Finance option. This offer is available on both regulated and non-regulated finance plans.

A minimum deposit of 10% post grant is required. For retail customers, this type of proposition means that ownership passes upon signing the agreement and for business users, the vehicle is an asset on the balance sheet and lower monthly payments aid cash flow. For example;

Vehicle Price1     Deposit         Monthly Payments
£28,304 £6,410 £436
Benefit in KindWhat’s more company car drivers will further benefit - if a customer is a 40% tax payer, the company car tax on Outlander PHEV is £665 in the first year and in tax years 2015/2016, company car tax increases will make the Outlander PHEV tax savings even bigger.

To give an example, a 40% tax payer keeping their company Outlander PHEV GX3h for three years will save the following in tax versus a similar vehicle, like below:

  • Honda CRV EX Auto

£11,201 with fuel allowance £18,319

  • BMW X3 Xdrive SE Auto

£7,675 with fuel allowance £12,449

  • Audi Q5 Audi Q5 2.0 TDI SE

£10,862 with fuel allowance £16,677

  • S-Tronic QuattroMercedes E Class SE Estate Auto

£8,541 with fuel allowance £13,575

Furthermore, businesses will benefit as they can write-down the vehicle’s full value in the first 12 months.

Future Proof

In addition to these outstanding market leading finance offers, independent residual value advisors, CAP, have predicted the Mitsubishi Outlander will retain 49% of its on-the-road price after the £5,000 government incentive P-ICG and after three years and 30,000 miles - which is better than most combustion engined rivals.

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