Tesla Model S Production

Tesla Model S Production

Nearly one month ago, we broke the news that Tesla Motors is now utilizing "nearly 50%" of its 380-acre, 5.4 million square foot Fremont, California factory.

Tesla Motors immediately suggested to us (via email) that it had not publicly discussed that figure.

The automaker didn't imply we were wrong.  However, Tesla didn't offer up more accurate information to perhaps counter our report saying it was unable to release that data.  So, we assumed we were right.

Now, courtesy of Bloomberg, we see that our report was indeed accurate.  Per Bloomberg:

"When Tesla started production there in 2012, it said it was using about one-fifth of the site. Now it says it’s using 40 percent to make electric motors and battery packs as well as cars."

40% = nearly 50% to us, especially since our estimate came from an inside source who perhaps lacks access to all the necessary intel needed to provide us with a more accurate figure.

Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s vice president for business development, stated:

“It’s poorly understood how much Tesla has invested in the state of California”  and “how much it’s added in just the past 18 months.”

Source: Bloomberg

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