Tesla Motors Becomes # 1 Auto Employer in California

Tesla Motors Becomes # 1 Auto Employer in California

Tesla Motors is now California's #1 automotive employer.

With 6,000-plus employees in the state of California, Tesla Motors shot past Toytota as the state's leading auto employer.  Toyota employs approximately 5,300 in the state of California, a figure that will drop in the future as Toyota moves most of those jobs to Texas.

On the flip side, Tesla's employment figure for California will grow quickly with at least 500 additional workers to be added by the end of 2014.

California is not a state that's typically chosen for automotive production due in part to high labor/energy/land costs and stringent environmental regulations.  However, Tesla breaks the mold with its Fremont, California factory and other land it recently acquired in California.

Gino DiCaro, spokesman for the California Manufacturers & Technology Association, stated:

“Tesla’s scaling up here in California is terrific news.  It’s also an exception -- and we certainly need more of them.”

As Bloomberg notes:

"Tesla is already a bigger local employer than many high-growth California-based technology companies. At the end of 2013, according to an annual filing, Tesla had 5,800 employees worldwide -- with about 90 percent of those in California... Twitter Inc., according to recent filings, has 3,000 employees worldwide and Facebook Inc. has about 7,000."

Source: Bloomberg

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