Renault's situation with EV sales isn't changing too much, so observing it month after month we typically don't even need to change title.  And this is of course not a positive, because sales of Renault's entire EV lineup appear to be going down.

The suspended Fluence Z.E. still has a few new sales every month, but it's basically dead. Kangoo Z.E. sales already fell by almost 50% and are now over 1,000 units behind the first four months of 2013. Renault Twizy sales have been down for over a year and practically on all markets in Europe - just over 500 sales in the first four months of 2014 compared to over 12,500 from early 2012 to April 2014. YTD numbers for 2014 should be close to 1,000 to sustain previous year levels.

And then we have the ZOE - in April ZOE recorded just 623 sales in Europe, from which two thirds or 403 were in France. Compared to April 2013, the French carmaker improved ZOE sales outside of France from about 100 to 220 unit, while at the same time ZOE sales shrunk by almost 350 units in France. But this is just in April.

In total, Renault sold over 10,600 ZOEs in 2013-2014, from which almost 6,500 were in France (~ 61%). For this year, sales of ZOE in Europe amounted to 1,830 as of the end of April, from which 965 were in France (~ 53%).

Renault EV Sales

Renault EV Sales

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