BMW i3

BMW i3

Germany's electric car market is growing ever-so slightly, reaching its second best month ever in March 2014. 823 new electric passenger cars were registered last month. Enough for almost 0.3% market share.

According to official data, the BMW i3 is the new leader after the first three months of 2014 with a total of 638 new registrations (including REXs). This is already slightly higher than the 559 i3 registrations in 2013 when the slow production ramp-up began.  However, sales of the BMW i3 seems to be stable - 229, 179 and 230 in the past three months.

In the Q1 sales table we see 226 Nissan LEAFs and 205 Renault ZOEs, but both of them are behind the Tesla Model S - 239, from which 143 were registered in March. This is a new high and hopefully indicates that Tesla Germany is starting to take off.

For all the rest of the electric cars left, only 537 registrations were recorded in Q1 out of 1,845 electric vehicle registrations in the whole quarter, so no other model was able to reach the BMWi3, but we don't yet know the exact sales figures for the remaining models.

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