In this slo-mo video, you'll see the electrified Nissan ZEOD RC racer collide with an immovable object.

Unlike conventional automobiles with crumple zones, the ZEOD RC uses the disintegration of its nose cone to provide occupant protection.

"Le Mans 24 hour is just round the corner and the ZEOD RC has been tested to destruction before the race."

"The carbon fibre tub and nose are put through their paces at a testing facility to make sure the car meets FIA regulations."

States Nissan's NISMO racing division.

After impact, the ZEOD RC doesn't appear repairable, but in fact it is.  Bond a new nose cone on and it's ready to roll.

You don't suspect the ZEOD RC offers much in the way of pedestrian protection due to its pointy nose, but then again we don't expect to see a pedestrian venture upon a closed track during a race.

Look for the ZEO RC to make its grand Le Mans debut as an experimental Garage 56 entry in min June.


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