BYD Shaoguan Industrial Park held a grand opening event

BYD Shaoguan Industrial Park held a grand opening event

About 9 months ago, BYD had a grand opening event of a new assembly facility for electric forklifts in Shaoguan Industrial Park.

Now, the Chinese company is starting to sell those vehicles in Germany (in addition to China). The 3.5T forklifts from BYD are equipped with similar lithium-ion battery cells (LiFePO4) to those used in BYD's electric cars and buses.

Sadly, we don't have a lot of details or pricing information for now.

"BYD forklift is the World's first forklift powered by BYD Fe battery. This is really an environmental friendly, efficient and stable forklift. The battery has been tested under rigor conditions including roasting, penetration, and drop. It has optional working load and is easy to drive. We have hundreds of employees dedicated in forklift business and we would like to co-operate with the world to promote the green forklift because we believe the green power would bring better future."

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