BMW i3

BMW i3

"We aim to maintain our profitable growth. There are three crucial aspects for us – innovation, balanced growth, desirable premium brands."

"Innovation will assure our future competitiveness. The BMW i3 is innovative."

Stated BMW CEO and Chairman of the Board Dr. Norbert Reithofer at the 94th Annual General Meeting of BMW AG in Munich.

Reithofer continued:

"At the 2009 Annual General Meeting, I announced an electric vehicle for large urban areas, which we called Megacity Vehicle."

"At the 2013 Annual General Meeting, the BMW i3 concept car stood right here in this room."

"Now, the i3 has been on the roads since autumn last year."

Reithofer then admitted that BMW under estimated demand for the BMW i3:

A Legion Of BMW i3s Waiting For Delivery At A US Port in April

A Legion Of BMW i3s Waiting For Delivery At A US Port in April

"Customer demand is already exceeding our expectations: We have produced around 6,000 BMW i3 cars since the start of the year."

Then, Reithofer spoke of expected demand for the i3 from various countries around the globe:

"The US will be the most important market for the BMW i3, which went on sale there in late April."

"China is also actively promoting electro-mobility. Our Chinese customers will be able to buy the i3 from the autumn."

"Norway is currently the number one market for electric vehicles..."

"We see comparable developments in the Netherlands."

"As for Germany: Germany definitely needs to leverage its potential. There are a number of emerging policy initiatives and proposals that are headed in the right direction: They are good, but not enough."

BMW i8

BMW i8

As for the BMW i8, Reithofer stated:

"In June, we will begin delivering the BMW i8 here in Germany, in the US, China, Japan and other countries."

Turning his attention to the BMW i division, Reithofer commented:

"BMW i is the spearhead of innovation within the company, with lightweight construction playing a central role. We are now also applying this expertise to other series models. Customers already appreciate the carbon-fibre roofs in our BMW M models. I can also reveal that we will use carbon fibre in the next  BMW 7 Series. Its low weight will set a very high standard for the segment."

Time to recap:

  • BMW i sets the tone for BMW's innovative future.
  • Carbon fiber is the way forward for the German automaker.
  • BMW i3 production through the first 4 months of 2014 is ~ 6,000 units.

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