Nissan LEAFs Gets HOV Access In California

Nissan LEAFs Gets HOV Access In California

It's been brought to our attention that some of California's HOV lanes are becoming clogged.

As Mr. Roadshow of the San Jose Mercury News states:

"I now field the most complaints about the Nissan LEAF for clogging up carpool lanes."

The problem, it seems, is that some Nissan LEAF drivers maintain speeds of 50 MPH while using "the FasTrak lanes at 237-880."

If this is the case, then clearly it will become problematic.

I believe (though openly admit that I had difficulty confirming) that the speed limit in that area is 65 MPH.  Driving 15 MPH under the limit, unless there's traffic, will surely lead to Mr. Roadshow receiving more questions like this one:

"Q: Why do Nissan Leaf drivers insist on going 50 mph when using the the FasTrak lanes at 237-880? Pick it up, boys and girls."

Do you drive under the speed limit in HOV lanes?  Is it actually true that Nissan LEAFs are "clogging up" carpool lanes?  If you reside in this area of California, then you hope you chime in with what you observe in Comments below.

Source: San Jose Mercury News

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