Cadillac ELR Makes An Appearance At The Geneva Motor Show

Cadillac ELR Makes An Appearance At The Geneva Motor Show

Cadillac ELR - Geneva Motor Show 2014

Cadillac ELR - Geneva Motor Show 2014

"Is it too early to call the ELR—at least in sales terms—a failure? Or is it time?"

Asked Motor Authority, who then stated:

"...having a two-year supply of anything on hand seems like bad business."

More than 1,500 ELRs were in inventory at the time of publication, with Cadillac selling ranging between 41 and 97 units per month so far this year.

We see this quite a bit now, where various news outlets are saying the Cadillac ELR is not a success, but what's overlooked is this previous statement from Cadillac senior vice president Bob Ferguson:

“The manufacturing for this vehicle will be limited. We’re saying, ‘Get in fast and buy it. We’re only going to make so many, and for so long."

What Cadillac did with the ELR is to jam lots of production into a limited timeframe so that the production line could resume its normal activities as quickly as possible.  Since the ELR is a limited production vehicle, it will only be on the normal production cycle perhaps once a year, and GM had allow for dealers to stock 1 or 2 units at the 530-odd participating Cadillac dealers in the United States

It can be custom ordered, but Cadillac's intention was always to produce perhaps 1,000-2,000 or so ELRs all in one lump, then to rely on those units satisfying demand until the next limited production run was scheduled.

So, Cadillac may have some ELR oversupply, but basically that was always the intention.

Or, in other words, sure it is not selling all that well (as expected with that high starting MSRP), but there's no failure story here. Let's move along.

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