This sign does not work for wireless charging

This sign does not work for wireless charging

BRUSA Elektronik announced that it started developing the next generation of its Inductive Charging System (ICS) to meet growing market demands.

ICS 2 will boast twice the charging power to 7.2 kW compared to ICS, but will have the same compact footprint.

According to the Swiss company, increase in power density has been achieved thanks to a special technology patented by BRUSA and we will see a prototype of the second-generation ICS as early as Autumn 2014.

Market launch is scheduled for 2017, so this is still 3 years from now.

"Development of the first generation also continues unabated. As the power electronics are fully integrated, the BRUSA ICS only comprises two components. The two primary and secondary coil housings already contain all the AC/DC converters as well as the communications and safety equipment for vehicle positioning and foreign-object detection. This means no external wall box or HF cabling is required – an absolute first for inductive charging systems. With the ICS BRUSA has achieved a power-transfer efficiency of over 90 percent, making it almost lossless. Indeed, the CarTec Awards jury was so impressed it named it winner in its category. Currently, BRUSA is working hard on making the ICS ready for mass production, with testing also taking place under everyday conditions as part of a small fleet trial."

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