Tesla Model S Interior

Tesla Model S Interior

"Your Tesla Model S has been temporarily disabled due to detected hacking"

"Please contact Tesla customer service for further details."

That's likely the next over-the-air update you'll receive if you attempt to hack your Model S as some tech-savvy owners are currently trying to do.

Tesla Logo

Tesla Logo

It would be irresponsible for us to describe here how a Tesla Model S can be hacked via an Ethernet networking port.

Instead, we'll focus on the end result.

Tesla will recognize that you've attempted to hack the Model S and you'll receive a warning.  Continue on and you'll see that Tesla can detect what you're doing within the network.  Take it too far and Tesla will kindly ask you to stop what you're doing or risk voiding your warranty.

As a connected car, Tesla could see this hacking as potentially affecting the safety of the vehicle.  If so, Tesla could zip out an over-the-air-update that shuts down the Model S until it's returned to its un-hacked condition, which would likely require a Tesla tech who will empty your wallet in the process of returning your Model S to its factory condition.

Moral of the story: Don't hack your Tesla Model S.  You're risking a lot for what? The ability to watch YouTube videos on the go?  Enjoy your Model S the way Tesla intended it to be.

Source: DragTimes

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