Passenger BEV sales in France in April 2014 (credit to <a href=l’Avere-France)" draggable="false">

Passenger BEV sales in France in April 2014 (credit to l’Avere-France)

In April, sales of electric cars in France slightly improved compared to March, but still for the third month in a row, sales are lower than in the same period in 2013.

This time, the drop was smaller and amounted to an 18% decrease (1,181 new passenger and light delivery electric vehicles compared to 1,445 in 2013).

Most of the 1,181 are passenger cars - 821 (less than 0.5% market share), and 360 are LCVs.

Renault ZOE, which improved its result to 403 in April, accounted for almost half of total sales.

Nissan LEAF had one of its best months with 178 sales.

Bolloré Bluecar with 69 won the fight for third place with electric Smart by one unit.

Then we see that Volkswagen e-up! reached a new record of 47 cars, which is more than it sold in the first three months combined.

Tesla Model S with 18 and BMW i3 with 14 didn't follow the "surge".

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