Nissan DC quick charges New Orleans with help from Rouses Market.

Nissan, the world’s leader in electric vehicle sales, has partnered with Rouses Market to give the downtown New Orleans community a boost by adding the city’s first public electric vehicle (EV) quick charger, which can charge an all-electric Nissan LEAF from zero to 80 percent in about 30 minutes.

Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of EV Sales Operations and Infrastructure Deployment, commented:

“Installing a quick charger at a popular location like Rouses Market helps to educate consumers about the benefits of owning an EV, and it builds additional range confidence for EV drivers.  The adoption rate of EVs outpaces that of hybrids during the first three years in the market, which is why it’s a priority for Nissan to increase charging infrastructure in communities where LEAF drivers live and work.”

Donny Rouse, third-generation managing partner at Rouses Market, stated:

“We’re committed to creating a strong downtown New Orleans and a sustainable, local environment in every market we serve.  EV owners now have a place to charge while they shop downtown. I am hopeful that they will inspire other customers to look for ways to lower their environmental impact, like using alternatives to fuel and buying local foods.”

Nissan concludes its press release with a look at global LEAF sales and with a note on charging infrastructure:

"Nissan is committed to the sale of mass-market, zero-emission vehicles with more than 114,000 Nissan LEAFs sold globally, and the company is equally dedicated to growing charging infrastructure for LEAF owners..."

Of course Nissan is dedicated to growing the charging infrastructure.  So too is Tesla.  Those are known facts.  Our wish is that other automakers would join in by showing this level of dedication to the plug-in vehicle infrastructure.

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