Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf

After featuring the Volkswagen e-Up!, now it's time for the larger e-Golf to be presented in the Fully Charged series.

The second pure electric car from Volkswagen was tested in Berlin some time ago and, according to Robert Llewellyn, it's an all-around competent car.

Additionally, Volkswagen made available for test drives the upcoming Golf GTE, but this time the only mentioned made by Llewellyn is that it's "quite quick."

In describing this Fully Charged video focused on the e-Golf, Llewellyn states:

"A casual cruise around Berlin in the impressive VW e-Golf."

"Tidy, smooth, reliable, efficient, quiet, reassuring, competent."

"Basically all the things I'm not which is why I like it."

"And a tiny glimpse of the upcoming Golf GTE"

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