2014 Brussels Motor Show: Renault Twizy Cargo

2014 Brussels Motor Show: Renault Twizy Cargo

Renault cloned its Z.E. Access battery rental for ZOE over to Twizy.  However, it's not called Z.E. Access.

Anyways, from April 1 on (besides the original offer of €50 a month for 7,500 km over 36 months) the battery pack can be rented for a fixed-price €30/month for maximum annual mileage of 2,500 km/year or €40 for up to 5,000 km/year.

This applies to any consumer or business customer acquiring a new or used Twizy or Twizy Cargo.

Renault believes that drivers who do not use their vehicle regularly can take advantage of this new special offer and realize some savings. The positive is that customers can now switch the battery rental contract at any time in terms of duration or mileage in order to adapt it to their needs.

No word yet about on selling Twizy with battery pack included.

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