Venucia E30 Lithium Battery Pack Looks Strangely Familar

Venucia E30 Lithium Battery Pack Looks Strangely Familar

Like Tesla Motors, Nissan is counting on China for an increasing portion of its global electric vehicle sales.

For Nissan, the goal is to capture 20% of China's electric vehicle sales by 2018.

Analysts suggest that China's plug-in electric vehicle market will likely grow to 400,000 units annually by 2018, so if Nissan grabs 20%, then it could be looking at approximately 80,000 sales in China alone.  That's according to Jun Seki, head of Nissan’s China unit.

400,000 units seems optimistic and even Seki admits that the figure is dependent on lots of variables, including the growth of China's public charging infrastructure, cost of electric vehicle and consumer anxiety over range, but with China just recently eliminating several electric vehicle hurdles, adoption is expected to rise sharply.

Quoting Seki:

“China is serious about pushing the adoption of new-energy vehicles, and no other country can compare with the subsidies that it’s giving out.  The charging infrastructure will improve as sales volumes rise.”

Nissan's first Chinese market electric vehicle is the Venucia e30, a rebadged Nissan LEAF.

As Bloomberg reports:

"Nissan is working with the Chinese cities of Dalian, Guangzhou and Xiangyang on pilot programs to promote the Venucia-branded electric car..."

"Seki said today that Nissan is finally back on track after tensions in 2012 between China and Japan over a group of disputed islands led to consumer boycotts of Japanese brands. The setback has delayed by one to two years the company’s target to reach 10 percent of China’s passenger-car market, which it originally expected by 2016..."

Working in Nissan's favor is its factory in Dalian in northeast China.  The factory has the capacity to build 300,000 vehicles annually, but will initially make only 150,000 vehicles per year.  This means Nissan has room to expand production of electric vehicle specific for the Chinese market if demand rises as predicted.

Source: Bloomberg

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