We don't often pass along plug-in electric vehicle sales in Italy since the figures are often so low they are a nearly meaningless addition to our global EV sales tally.

That's why it immediately caught our attention when we saw the BMW i3 being featured in Rome, and also climbing close to the top of the sales charts in Italy with a strong June result.

It's clear to us that BMW expects the i3 to become a globally available electric car as it seems to be on sale in almost as many markets as the front-running Nissan LEAF.

Currently, the Nissan LEAF is still the #1 selling electric vehicle in Italy with 146 sales, just ahead of the smart ED at 141...but the BMW i3 isn't far behind with 117 sales.  More importantly it sold 31 copies in June alone.

(And yes, we know everyone always wants to hear how the Tesla Model S is doing -  For June Tesla sold 3 all-electric sedans, and 26 in total for the year)

Given a year or so, it's clear to us that the BMW i3 will compete with the Nissan LEAF for the title of most globally available EV.  Nissan will most likely retain that title, but BMW won't be far behind.

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