Over in Europe, Telefónica will provide machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity for Tesla Model S electric vehicles in major European markets.

Tesla Model S Gets M2M Connectivity in Europe

Tesla Model S Gets M2M Connectivity in Europe

Per Telefonica:

"Telefonica announced an agreement with Tesla, the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, to provide Machine-To-Machine (M2M) connectivity for the Tesla Model S in Europe. Telefonica and its M2M World Alliance partners will provide connectivity for Model S across multiple countries in Europe, including in Germany and the United Kingdom on Telefonica’s O2 network, in Spain on Movistar, and in the Netherlands on KPN."

"Telefónica’s global M2M solution - powered by Jasper - will enable connectivity for Tesla’s industry-leading in-car infotainment telematics including navigation, online music, and internet browsing, and remote vehicle diagnostics that relay information about the car’s safety, security and performance to the driver and Tesla service in real time."

Jose Luis Gamo, CEO at Telefonica Multinational Solutions, commented:

“Tesla is one of the world’s most forward thinking and exciting businesses. We share their passion for innovation and are thrilled to be working with them to deliver a superb connected in-car experience to Tesla drivers across Europe.”

Meanwhile, Peter Carlsson, vice president of supply chain at Tesla, stated:

“The full Model S experience requires reliable and flexible connectivity solution. Tesla looks forward to our partnership with Telefonica to provide our European customers with a whole new class of connected car.”

According to Telefonica, the Tesla Model S is way ahead of its automotive siblings in regards to connectivity.  As Telefonica predicts:

"The number of vehicles with built-in connectivity will increase from 10 percent of the overall market today to 90 percent by 2020."

So, it seems Tesla is blazing the connectivity path too.

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