There are now over 57,832 Chevy Volt owners in the US.  Most all of them sing words of praise over Chevrolet's first attempt at a plug-in vehicle.

One of those Volt owners is Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire.

Farah purchase the Chevy Volt some 8 months ago and 'til this day he still finds it an absolute joy or, as The Smoking Tire says:

"Eight months ago, Matt got a Chevy Volt as a daily driver, and won't shut up about how awesome it is."

The Smoking Tires continues:

"The problem is, it's rather dull looking, so no one understands how awesome it is unless they drive it. To fix that, GM gave Cadillac it's own Volt, called the ELR."

We personally don't find the Chevy Volt to be dull looking.  It stands out from the crowd and is immediately recognizable.

Moving on.

The Smoking Tire asks this of the Cadillac ELR:

"It looks like the future, but is it any good to drive?"

Here you'll see The Smoking Tire pit the Chevy Volt against the Cadillac ELR.

The winner?  Well, that sort of depends on the depth of your pocketbook.  Both are brilliant plug-in automobiles, so there's no loser here.

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