Would You Buy a Tesla If It Were $35,000 Or Less?

Would You Buy a Tesla If It Were $35,000 Or Less?

The results of a recent poll conducted by EV World speak volumes for Tesla Motors.

When asked if respondents would buy a Tesla electric vehicle if the price was USD $35,000 or less, a shocking 97% stated they would indeed buy this reasonably affordable Tesla.

5,995.  That's the number of respondents.  So, 97% of that figure equates to 5,815.15.  Let's just say 5,815.

The total figure matters less than the %.

If Tesla were to be able to launch a $35,000 electric vehicle (assume this is a before tax credit price), then the results show that nearly everyone of the respondents would soon become Tesla owners.

Unfortunately, Tesla is likely still a long away from offering this $35,000 electric vehicle (we expect Gen 3 to ultimately be in the low $40,000 range...if you want one with doors), but if Tesla does eventually pull it off, then the group of loyal Tesla owners will almost certainly grow exponentially.

Source: EV World

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