Island Of Maui denoted By Red Marker

Island Of Maui denoted By Red Marker

As regular visitors to InsideEVs know, we love obscure plug-in electric vehicle registration/sales data.

This time we explore Maui, the second largest (727 square miles) of the Hawaiian Islands.

Maui has long been a popular area for electric vehicles.  Back in 2012, the island was home to 150 plug-in electric vehicles.

Now, there are more than 450 plug-in electric vehicles on Maui, representing a tripling in approximately two year's time.

As Maui News writes of the EV boom:

"People are interested in EVs more, less anxious about “range anxiety."

There's still tremendous room for EV growth in Maui though.  Again, as Maui News states:

"Yet, Maui has 110 – 120,000 gasoline-powered cars. Percentage-wise, for EV’s running around Maui, that’s a lot less than 1 percent."

450 is decent, but we'd sure like see the number grow so that EVs account for at least a few % of the total number of registered automobiles.

Source: Maui News

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