Race Version Of Volvo S60 Polestar

Race Version Of Volvo S60 Polestar

Polestar, the high performance tuning arm of Volvo, has made it known that it intends to electrify future Volvo models:

"Future performance Volvos are set to feature electric rear axles and could even be diesel-powered, Polestar boss Hans Baath has revealed to Autocar."

Polestar makes some of the hottest daily drivers in existence, so why the move towards electrification?

"No engine in Volvo’s new Drive-E engine family – developed with Polestar’s involvement – will be larger than a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder unit..."

Reports Autocar.  Which means that Polestar will have to find performance enhancers beyond the engine.  To obtain the necessary boost, Autocar states:

"Expect future Polestar models to be four-wheel drive, with highly tuned four-pot Drive-E engines powering the front wheels and an electric motor and battery pack sending drive to the rear axle."

Polestar boss Hans Baath adds:

“Power output is not a problem – there’s so much ‘green’ technology that is from racing, such as low friction and roller cams – and electrification is logical because low-end torque is the weak spot in downsized engines.  It’s also interesting that we can use electrification to produce four-wheel-drive Volvo models.”

Once again, electrification proves to be the way forward.  In order to achieve desired performance and low emissions, some form of electrification appears necessary.

Source: Autocar