Tesla Model S Design Studio In China - Company Owned & Operated

Tesla Model S Design Studio In China - Company Owned & Operated

Currently in Shanghai, the largest and wealthiest city in China, buyers of a new vehicle have to bid for a license plate through an auction by the government.  The bidding can end up costing buyers up to $15,000 USD.

This bidding war for a license plate is the result of Shanghai's attempt to control the number of new vehicles on the road and to limit pollution and traffic jam issues.

Now, buyers of a Tesla Model S will receive a free license plate. A few other electric vehicles are newly exempted from license plate fees too, but previously this exemption was only valid for electric vehicles manufactured in China.

The Shanghai government has granted a special exemption for electric vehicles made outside of China. However, the grant is only valid for 3,000 vehicles per automaker. After the 3,000 vehicles, the automaker will have to ask the Shanghai government to receive additional grants.  It's not yet known if the government will approve the request for additional grants.

However, Tesla Motors does not expect to sell more than 3,000 Model S vehicles quickly in Shanghai, so the limitation shouldn't be an issue.

The Model S currently ranges from $121,000 USD (or 734,000 yuan) to $140,000 USD (or 852,000 yuan) in China.

Official deliveries of the Model S have commenced in Beijing, China.  We believe deliveries in Shanghai are set for June 2014.

Source: CarNewsChina



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