150,000 Miles And Counting

150,000 Miles And Counting

C&C Nissan LEAF

C&C Nissan LEAF

In Cornwall, UK, cab company C&C Taxis claims to have clocked 150,000 miles and 37,000-plus individual fares in its fleet of Nissan LEAF  taxis.

As FleetNews reports, C&C Taxis "added the first Leaf to its 10-strong fleet almost exactly 12 months ago."

FleetNews adds:

"It now has five and has seen its business soar as regular customers, local businesses and tourists have taken to its smooth and silent ride and environmental benefits."

In accumulating all of those zero emissions miles, the cab operator says its annual fuel bill dropped by £40,000.

C&C Taxis owner, Michelle Williams, stated:

“When we took our first LEAF a year ago we could never have imagined how successful it would have been. The fact we now have five and have hit the 150,000-mile mark says it all."

“Investing in the Leaf has probably been the best decision we’ve ever made as a company."

“Our customers love them and most of the big hotels in the area now use us as their taxi company of choice, which has been a real coup. In fact, many of the hotels now ask guests who book a taxi whether they’d like an electric one and then specifically ask for a Leaf."

“The Leaf has been truly transformational for our business.”

C&C still has a few diesel vehicles in its taxi fleet.  Those are typically used for long fares, while the LEAF handles most all trips of 40 miles one way or less.

Source: Fleet News

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